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Funerals, Memorials

& Life Celebrations

Ceremony has been an important ritual in society since the beginning of time.  We use it to mark special or memorable occasions - funerals being one of them.  Funerals are meant to begin healing – they do not ‘end’ anything.  The traditional funeral focused on a person’s death and not their life.  Families have learned over time, the traditional funeral was not serving their healing needs and as such, funerals have evolved.  Families now have the flexibility to plan that ceremony to be exactly as they want it.  No longer is the church and clergy the only option when considering the most appropriate service for them and their loved one.


The Life Celebration is the perfect way to honour an individual and it gives families the freedom to choose what is meaningful and appropriate for them and their loved one. Todd will help you plan the ceremony and officiate when that time comes. He offers you guidance and coaching with reference to music choices, poetry, religious / spiritual components (if needed), life tributes (eulogies) and will develop a program for the day that includes all these important elements as well as some messages of hope and recovery from grief. His tender, gentle and real-life approach will make that special day a day of love, comfort, tears, smiles and gratitude.


It all starts with an open heart, an open mind and a fresh, blank piece of paper. Let's Tell Their Story! 

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